About us

PPSG is a website full of hacks, bots, cheats and guides for your favorite games. On this site you’ll find working hack tools for Android, iOS, Facebook and PC games. We always do our best to make a hack tool for every popular game as soon as it gets released.

PPSG was launched in September 2016. Although the site is still very young it has already built a great reputation for itself amongst game fanatics. The day the site was launched our first hack was released as well. The tool immediately attracted huge attention and got shared on big social media websites like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

We, as developers or this website, do not take any responsibility by the information we provide. We are a totally separated group and we do not have anything common with the creators of the popular game. In short terms, we are just bunch of gamers with lots of experience.

We are glad that you visited our website. Greetings!